Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More team pillows!

Jacob was here for a visit and he wanted to make more pillows like we did last September (click here to see his Carolina Panthers pillow). He is the designer.......I am the worker bee. :-)
This time around he is a fan of the New York Yankees so we found an image on line and printed it out on fabric in the printer. The pillow is about 9 x 12".

That one didn't take long but this next one required a little more work...........It's a collage pillow for the New Orleans Saints, his current favorite team...........

We found a website that gave "how-to's" on doing a collage page and then selected images in Google images, scanned them in then turned them a bit for a collage look. I used a different printer product for this. It was almost like an artist canvas page and gave a high quality print for the pillow. While I was doing the fine tuning of the collage, Jacob went to my fabric stash to select the fabrics that I used for the borders. He found a gold that wasn't quite bright enough so I told him I'd find something in my crazy quilting stash and I did.
When we were working on the Yankees pillow, he was also watching a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Maybe next visit, he'll have to make one for the Twins or the Vikings since he lives in Minnesota!
We organized his craft box and if there had been time we had one more project we were going to do. It will wait til next summer. It's a messy one but fun. Next time he visits we'll be making something for Halloween. Yep, before you know it, that fun, spooky day will be here.
All for now.
Jacob and Grandma Skeeter

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