Monday, April 27, 2009

Singing Stars!

I just had to post this photo of my grandson, Jacob. He's picking tunes and Collette (his mom) is singing along to kid's songs on the Karaoke machine I got after Christmas. They were having great fun and it reminded me of when Collette and Devlin were little and they would take the old tape recorder and make silly sounds and then play them back and laugh and laugh!!
The keyboard was my Christmas gift a couple of years ago and Jacob enjoys it as much as I do. The karaoke machine is sort of a Christmas present, too, as my mom gave me $50 at Christmas and I found this one on sale at Best Buy for $49.99. I plan to use it at quilt and women's group programs but also knew it would be a hit with Jacob. Who knows, he could be the next Singing Star!!!