Monday, July 7, 2008

Memories of childhood

I have great memories of my childhood. It's those memories that inspire me in my quilting and craft projects, in the designs I draw and the stories I'll share. I recently discovered "the world of blogging" and thought it would be fun to set up a blog to share with my grandson. We are going to post pictures of the projects we do together and I will also tell you of things I did with my kids when they were young and what my mother did with my brother, sister and me when we were kids.
This week, Jacob, my grandson, is on vacation. He and his mom and dad are at a campground not far from home that provides a nice place to relax and yet doesn't cost much to get there (less than an hour from their home). While he is vacationing, I am going to get a "head start" on our blog and then next week, he will have something fun to look at when he returns from vacation.
I will post some pictures of our projects and, I'll also tell you why he calls me Grandma Skeeter.